We understand that finding that perfect candidate for the job is never easy. It takes hard work, determination and a relentless amount of effort. However, at Anther we recognize the importance of a perfect match which is why we put the client’s need ahead of our own.

Founded in 2006 we have developed a strong, on-going work relation with over 20 leading companies across FMCG, Media and Retail sectors with expertise in Marketing, Media and Corporate Support Functions. Using our experience gained from years in the field, we search high and low, not just in India but throughout the globe to find the right candidate that fits all the prerequisites of our client,we ensure the aims and aspirations of the candidate parallels that of our client so that a beneficial, symbiotic relationship can be formed. Ensuring that the client is provided with only the creme de la creme, we do not rest until the perfect match is made.

We always aim to remain an irreplaceable part of all our clients, working through our belief, mission & goal and just like how the Anther of a flower aids it to grow and mature, we hope that through us our client may grow leaps and bounds and reach greater heights.


A hub of excellence; a junction of experts; an epicenter of skill.





Assessment at Anther follows a meticulous procedure. Our assessment tools are developed by human resource experts. Our four step assessment system examines several dimensions to ensure individuals are profiled stringently and precisely:-

Environment scan and talent Identification:

  • Social Media
  • Job portals and contacts built through the years
  • Summary and analysis of profiles to keep the client up-to-date
Assess candidate desires and dreams:

  • Interview candidates in person or via telephonic or video conference.
  • Identify their strengths and areas of improvement
Evaluation of candidate & Interview Process:

  • Synopsis of the candidates helps our clients shortlist resumes.
  • Post interview- Two way feedback to candidates & clients
Reference Check of candidate and On boarding:

  • Elaborate reference check format to verify potential candidates past & current performance & achievement.
  • Manage paper work till offer is made and other miscellaneous formalities till the date of joining.
Yet, in the final analysis, nothing beats intution

That sense of what is true but not apparent in any tangible or objective manner. At Anther, we use a lot of objective assessment tools; however, we have come to also trust our intuition which has so often been proven accurate.


We deal in assignments from various sectors and phases. We make sure the talent we bring in, mixes in the best possible way with your organization. Here are a few of the sectors that we have worked on and the positions that we’ve offered.

Brand Management
Consumer Insight
Corporate Communication
New Media Marketing

Supply Chain

Quality Control
Factory Manager
Production Manager
New Product Development

Support Functions
Finance and Accounting
Indirect Tax
General Ledger/MIS

Human Resources

Human Resource Operations
Compensations Benefits
Talent acquisition and Management
Human Resource Generalist
Training and Competency
Advertising and Media

Client Servicing

Public relations

Client Servicing


Client Servicing
Creative (Art / Copy)


Social Media Executives
Client Servicing
Technical Profiles
Business development


Production Programming
Media Research
Consumer Insights
Ad Sales
Brand Solutions


We provide a broad range of services to employers as well as employees, through our diverse services; we are committed to offering the best HR Solutions for both business operations and employees .Take a look at some of the services we specialize in-

HR Out sourcing:

HR outsourcing is yet another service provided by Anther. Depending upon the need of our clients we take the initiative to outsource services like putting together the employee hand book, employee satisfaction surveys, performance appraisal system etc. While the processes are purchased by the said provider we take charge of the smooth flow of the entire process. We ensure this closure and enable its progress without any hindrance.

Salary Benchmarking Exercise:

This service is an opportunity to benefit both company and candidate. Firstly, for the company, we map out and analyse the companys salary structures across departments. We then cross reference this against that of the competition, in order to determine if payment is equal, above or below the rest of market. This allows the company to have a correction which aids in retaining talent for the long run, thus benefitting the company greatly. Secondly, for the candidate, the mapping and analysis of companies’ salary structure provides valuable insight to the candidate on their market standing. This helps them determine if the next movie requires a salary correction




Head People and Culture , Leoburnett

I have worked with Anther now for the last 5 years and I have to say that Anther has in the last few years grown to be a true partner for me and Leo Burnett. Anther’s strength is that they have a deep understanding of the communications business and applies that in the search/headhunting they do for us. Combined with this is the ability to work with speed and focus and that’s what makes this partnership strong. When I have a crisis brief, I will always pick up the phone on Anther. What I also value about Anther is that they don’t feel the job ends with a placement.They follow up with the people they have placed with us and give me productive feedback to ensure that they settle down well in the organization.I have recommended Anther to friend and colleagues in other companies and they too have derived the value from the association. I give this testimonial with great affection and pride and wish Anther a great future ahead.

Srikanth Sarthy

COO India Advocacy

Working with Anther has been a pleasure! For a radically new marketing concept like Advocacy, finding the right talent is critical but not always easy to identify and recruit.There are no precedents or ‘prior experience’ in this area. But Anther has unerringly been spot on – virtually my entire team has been hired through Anther, which says a lot for how well they understand needs,rather than just mechanically push profiles.


Dhara Shah

A profound understanding of the advertising industry gained from a tenured career with multiple media and advertising agencies. She founded Anther with a commitment to bridge the gap between talent and the industry that thrives on talent .This accentuated her agency relationships and built an enviable client portfolio enjoying a successful track record for building talent in the business. While not at work Dhara enjoys spending time with her family and is committed to a healthy work life balance for self and team.

Anand Jhunjhunwala

After a seasoned career on the client side, Anand chose entrepreneurship by becoming a partner with Anther. Adapt at moving across industry segments whilst generating a network of potential candidates and leads he helps companies find talent with a philosophy of a best fit, A self confessed foodie, Anand loves spending his weekends discovering must eat places or travelling.


Our team of seasoned professionals develops innovative and effective strategies that build reputations, and give effective human resource solutions. We consistently achieve these goals because of the demanding set of values we strive for as a company: We work together as a team to provide superior business value to our clients. We are committed to the highest level of professionalism. We act with honesty, integrity and respect. We are accountable for our actions both individually and as a team. And we embrace innovation, change and growth. Here is what sets us apart from the competition

Candidate Engagement Teams:

Provide global talent recruitment. This team consists of consultants who are Human Resource professionals, Media professionals, Finance Managers and Marketers, all of whom have substantial commercial experience they understand real-world requirements and are ideally suited to shortlist appropriate candidates

Maintaining specialisation:

At Anther, we have picked quality over quantity. Anther believes in specialising itself to differentiate itself from the competition and thus, Anther is especially proficient in FMCG & Media, and support functions. It is key to note that this idea of specialisation was a conscious choice so that only the highest standard of service would be provided to our clients.

Mapping Talent:

We believe in always staying one step ahead of the competition, We map talent across various verticals to be abreast of movements.

Maintaining recruiter profile ratio:

At Anther we maintain recruiter profile ratio to ensure a targeted and dedicated search. Each recruiter is given a select few number of profiles to work on depending on their area of strength, to ensure maximum quality.

Turnaround time:

No one likes to wait. At Anther, we have an internal database of pre-screened candidates that has been developed and designed to provide efficient and timely placements to meet the client.


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